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Hi, Translate- language translator for text translation and image. free translator Language speaks and voice and WhatsApp and courier, that permits you to translate all languages like English to Arabic and lots of others.

Less data, quicker translate

·Support over one hundred languages
·Offline mode and Voice translation out there
·Al Camera translation

Whenever you wish for translation throughout your travels, business journeys, or when finding out a language, simply bring Hi Translate, a sensible cross-application translator which may translate multiple languages for you.
Main options

1) Cross-application Translation
Quick Translate in any app with the floating ball. Chat without borderlines and browse while not barriers.

2) Text Translation
Real-time text translation for phrases and words.

3) Image Translation
Automatic recognition and translation of text within the image by taking an image and pressing the button, and it can also acknowledge eighteen languages.

4) Voice Translation
Real-time voice translation to each text and audio.

5) Offline translation
Can translate even in offline mode. Free from network limits.

6) spoken communication Translation
Simultaneously speak in every other's language once talking one-on-one with a foreigner.

Be assured anytime, anyplace together with your partner Hi Translate!

Translations between the subsequent languages are supported:
English, Hindī / हिन्दी, Bengali/bāṅlā / বাংলা, Telugu/తెలుగు, Marathi/मराठी / Marāṭh, Tamil/தமிழ் / Tamiḻ, Urdu/اُردُو / Urdū, Kannada/ಕನ್ನಡ / kannaḍa, Gujarati/ગુજરાતી / Gujarātī, Malayalam/മലയാളം / malayāḷaṁ, Punjabi/ਪੰਜਾਬੀ / Shahmukhi, Chinese, Spanish/Español / Castellano, Arabic/عربي/عربى, Malay/Bahasa Melayu, Portuguese/Português, Russian/ру́сский язы́к, French/le français, German/Deutsch, Hausa/هَوُسَ, Japanese/にほんご, Persian/فارسی / Fârsî, Swahili/kiswahili, Javanese/Basa Jawa, Thai/ภาษาไทย, staten/Bahasa Indonesia, Turkish/Türkçe, Nepali/nepali,Filipino/Tagalog, Vietnamese/Tiếng Việt, Korean/한국어, Italia


This app has smart options, however, the transltion results are inaccurate. simply work on the translations and this may be the most effective translator.

Just like the screan doodle that you simply will move everywhere and easily hold it over the word or sentence or image that you simply wish translated it will therefore in split seconds Google and Microsoft (not rooted) not require extra information like this facilitate others to spot if the app can work or not if they need similar golem.

Good App. however, there's a retardant. that is once refresh Hi translate from my phone recently, then Hi translate is going to be closed. it'll be open once more and established to be used.

Best expertise ever, straightforward to use at a nice speed. nice app no language barriers.

Works well if you're perpetually translating an equivalent language, however, if you have got a special language to the previous one, even though you switched to a different language.

The translation is pretty smart, however, would like a separate Romanized translation for the translated text because the non-native speakers wouldn't be able to scan the interpretation therefore it becomes onerous for folks that use translation tools as a tool to be told a few languages. and also, alter literal translation. it might be higher.

This is a wonderful app that may facilitate perceiving meanings of words, totally different contexts to use bound words, and the way to use correct English synchronic linguistics.


Installed the app that has no information collected sprawling everywhere it. Great. Opened the app. permit Hi Translate to look on prime.

Ok. Opened the app again: permit HI TRANSLATE to own FULL management OVER YOUR PHONE. For real guys. during this day and age. Like - for real.
No possibility for detectable language, this makes it a rather onerous switch through languages, the translator is rather buggy and put in languages perpetually needing to be re-downloaded.

Overall, the Nice plan and UI is incredibly psychological feature Y'all fix the language established well and update this app.

Translating from Japanese to English mistreatment pictures, however, each alternative document simply does not work any longer.

On those documents, each paragraph gets translated merely to "one......." or "the......." The text is not less clear than the others, therefore this can be confusing.

It worked for a few days and stopped operating. it's perpetually telling ME to show on Accessibility even when I've turned it on many times. I am going to transfer the update currently to ascertain if it's been mounted. (Whatsapp tricks,Hi Translate Chat translator,hi translate chat translator apk,hi translate chat translator mod apk,hi translate download for pc,hi translate in hindi,hi translate google,hi translate download for pc)

The app ought to observe a definite language by itself and so translate it to my chosen language (English) while mistreatment the floating travel button.

annoying It cannot translate something, it solely tells you the language what a waste of area however I believe it helps a touch l, currently, be part of it with alternative translators praise keep it up it is nice.

This application could use the Accessibility Service API to assist users to fetch text from any application and supply text translations for their linguistic communication. the application neither captures your personal information nor violates your privacy.

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